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Fall 2001

I opened my work email this afternoon to read this one from a viewer:
No One cares if Tara Thomas was “tearing up” during the 911 event in NYC. I sure don’t. Dumbest KWWL ad ever!
It’s referencing a 9/11 promo that’s been airing on our station with anchor reflections on the 10th anniversary of September 11. Despite his opinion, sharing memories of that day is a big deal to me because it changed me professionally and personally. I instantly became more patriotic. Was okay with wearing a flag pin on my blazer. Understood clearly how Americans felt after Pearl Harbor. And it was in the fall ten years ago when a speaking engagement at a Christian women’s group led me to fill out a card, check that I was interested in a Bible study and join one. In December 2001, I became a Christian. I was able to share my story yesterday at Central Christian Church in Waterloo. Pastor Brent Cantrell included me in a 9/11 remembrance service. The amazing thing, he had no idea just how significant that period of time was for me personally–I was asked to come there because I’m a journalist primarily. And my apologies to the gentleman who doesn’t like cry baby anchorwomen (see above email), I choked up giving my testimony from the pulpit. Can’t help getting emotional about my faith.
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  1. L. Brent Cantrell September 12, 2011 3:46 pm

  2. Tara: While people will always have insights against sentimentalism; how could you one become emotional at such a travesty. Some cry outwardly….and others perhaps cry by judgment of what is “appropriate” sentimentality. I recall a man, 2000 years ago who said, “Don’t point out the speck in another’s eye (could this mean tear) when in yours is a timber.” –Jesus Christ. Your testimony yesterday was eloquent, sincere, and an example of how to stand in pride as a professional and a follower and modern disciple. There is a lot of debate about the phrase “In God we trust.” Pros and Cons will keep the debate alive. As for we frail, fickled, and sometimes emotional followers/doers of the Gospel Imperative…it is not a trite saying; it is our creed of life. God is our hope. Nothing else compares. Thank you for making that clear, relevant and a spoken from your soul. If there is no hope, no trust – in God….there is nothing, but throwing jabs at others. The most tragic of human emotion is devaluing of another’s emotions and passions. We can only claim a life of “In God We Trust” because of the powerful, passionate, emotion it allows to be expressed. Whatever you call emotion or perhaps a tear falling….that is Good News worthy of true emotion, joy and elation. Faith, patriotism….these are not rationale…these are attributes that demand, the strength and compassion that only the power of sentimentality can offer. These are the means of all that is hope, life, justice, and freedom. Perhaps a few more tears, a bit more compassion would be a great help in times like these? On behalf of Central our deepest appreciations to you for your presence and witness — as well to Candice Mann, Dr. Susan Vallem, Dr. Norris and Director/Chief Daniel Trelka for your gifts as we shared Remembrance of 9/11 and Hope that motivates our lives for…well, eternity. Blessings, Dr. L. Brent Cantrell, Pastor (and the guy who also cried, weep tears many times in these last ten years!)

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